Miracle of Recovery
I Have Witnessed the Miracle of Recovery

How it feels to witness the miracle of recovery as an addiction professional   One of New Directions’ staff members has witnessed the miracle of recovery–on many occasions–and wanted to share thoughts on how that feels. You see and experience a lot as an addiction professional. Please reach out at 216-591-0324 or intake@newdirect.org.  

What is the Sobersphere?

New Directions cultivates a “sobersphere”     Sober: not intoxicated or drunk; quiet or sedate in demeanor Sphere: a globular mass, shell; a planet or star The “sobersphere” created at New Directions is something to be acknowledged. We provide a healthy atmosphere surrounding our clients throughout their journey of sobriety. At New Directions, this environment is positive […]

YPR Ohio
Rally with Recovery Ready Cleveland in September

The YPR Recovery Month Event is coming up     Can you believe it has already been a year since the initial Young People in Recovery: Cleveland launch? A year since New Directions received grant awards from two very generous community partners: The Cleveland Foundation and the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board […]