One important aspect of recovery: Hope

Hope is just one important aspect of recovery

Hope for recovery


What keeps you going? How do you do it? As a counselor working with clients for over 20 years that is a question frequently asked of me. The answer? Hope. Hoping that when a client is no longer working with you or your agency that they will continue their recovery journey. Hope that one day they call, write, or stop by and share their successes. Hope that you will see in some form of media that they are living a beautiful recovery story.


You never know if a client will remain on their path of recovery after they leave your care.  You simply have to hope. Yes, you can follow up with clients as much as possible and watch from afar, but once they are back on their own, it is up to them to implement the lessons learned from treatment. They are back in the “real world” and have to use those lessons in everyday life, which is a challenge.


I am lucky to have had “hope” show up at my door a few weeks back. It was in the form of a prior client, whom embraced recovery and has and continues to have a recovery path. Ultimately, recovery is not as simple as hoping, but without it, change is difficult.


–Sue Tager, Director of Performance Improvement and Outpatient Services

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