The Importance of Family Support in Early Recovery

Family support increases the recovery rate in young people


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Family involvement, support and intervention are all important aspects of treatment and early recovery. They can be vital to helping young people through their times of struggle. There is no such thing as “drive thru” treatment – give me one good kid to go! No, that is not how proper treatment works. To reach young people struggling with addiction and other diagnoses, it’s important to have a customized plan and truly connect with them. Getting the families involved and strengthening that connection is key. Parental involvement and family support actually increases the recovery rate for young people, as they know we are in this together.


At New Directions, we use something called the C’s. This is for families to reduce shame & stigma and also to increase engagement. You didn’t Cause this, you cannot Control this and you cannot Cure this. Yet you can Contribute in a positive way to your young person in early recovery. We invite everyone to come in and see for themselves just exactly how this plan would work for their young person.


It takes a lot of courage for a parent, family member or young person to call and reach out for help. We will support that kind of courage every day, every time. If you or someone you know needs support, contact New Directions at 216-591-0324 or


From Chief Executive Officer Mike Matoney

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