What is the Sobersphere?

New Directions cultivates a “sobersphere”




Sober: not intoxicated or drunk; quiet or sedate in demeanor

Sphere: a globular mass, shell; a planet or star

The “sobersphere” created at New Directions is something to be acknowledged. We provide a healthy atmosphere surrounding our clients throughout their journey of sobriety. At New Directions, this environment is positive and bright. With it being client-based and focusing on a successful recovery, we are always looking for ways to keep it a happy place. From the addition of a wild flower garden on our campus created with the support of our young clients, or a friendly competition on the sand volleyball court, to fun extracurricular activities offsite for clients such as hiking, sailing, painting, or going to the community garden–there is always a way for individuals to keep occupied through these positive avenues. As the clients grow throughout their personal recovery process, they also watch their garden grow and evolve oftentimes, in the kitchen for a special treat. Throughout both facilities, artwork is displayed, lending us insight into the daily strength needed for those in recovery.

In our sobersphere,” there is a certain contentment, happiness and fullfillment. This is a meaningful place that has a peacefulness that is all-encompassing. The trees surrounding the building, the wild animals and furry friends add to the pleasantness of the New Directions campus. We focus on positive outcomes, making this a positive place to be. Our clinical and administrative teams are professional, engaging, fun and friendly, noting that every day they head home, each are reminded of how rewarding and impactful their work is to those in treatment and recovery.


Kaitlin Kell, aPHR

Human Resources Generalist

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