Identify Substance Abuse, Addiction, or Mental Health Challenges

There are many resources available that can help identify an individual with substance abuse and other behavioral health issues. The following list, provided by The National Institute on Drug Abuse, may be helpful:

People with substance abuse, addiction and mental health challenges might act differently than they used to. They might:
  • possess drugs and/or paraphernalia
  • have physical and visible signs of drug effected behavior
  • spend a lot of time alone
  • lose interest in their favorite things
  • lose interest in their personal care, for instance, not bathe, change clothes, or brush their teeth
  • be really tired and sad
  • be very energetic, talk fast, or say things that don’t make sense
  • be nervous or cranky (in a bad mood)
  • quickly change between feeling bad and feeling good
  • sleep at strange hours
  • miss important appointments
  • have problems at work or school
  • eat a lot more or a lot less than usual


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