Saving Lives through Community Support

Community support helps to save lives


New Directions community support


Recently, a seventeen year old client mentioned that she was going to be leaving New Directions in a
couple of days. This was her second residential treatment stay, but her first time actively involved with
our Recovery Housing Program. She needed a bit more freedom to go to school and off campus meetings, but still have the structure she needed during treatment. We have seen young adults work hard at their
recovery with the assistance of a multitude of evidence-based resources. These resources–along with community support–are important to consistently have throughout recovery, especially for young people.

Imagine looking into her soulful eyes, knowing it may not be safe for her to go home. A place where
there are constant reminders of past trauma and triggers of substance use that she has to work through
every single day. Her school was full of bullies and influence and easily accessible drugs. A kid’s youth should be a time when they begin to define themselves and establish friendships. It should be a time when they receive community support. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

Our therapists and professional staff provide adolescents, young adults, and families with
empowerment in early recovery to survive addiction. There is a critical need for our services throughout
Greater Cleveland, but our funds are depleted. Opiates. Heroin. Fentanyl. Carfentanil. The drug
combination is unknown. Once a prescription, now an addiction.

This is where community support is so vital. A gift of any value would have substantial impact on our clients and their caregivers.

We appreciate your advocacy to help these worthy individuals and families persevere. Now is the time to become a charitable leader during this epidemic.

Believe us when we say that this young client never – ever – imagined that hard drugs would take over her mind and body. Help us to help her not have addiction take her life.

ACT NOW.  Your dollars provide immediate impact.  New Directions Online Giving

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