Client Success: The Impact of Treatment

Client Success

How does treatment at New Directions make a difference? Check out these key quality indicators:
  • 91% of client caregivers reported being very satisfied with services received and would recommend New Directions to others;
  • 87 to 100% of Residential treatment is completed – significantly above the national average; and
  • 20% increased Intensive Outpatient completion rates for those clients engaged in our Recovery App during treatment and recovery – above the national average

We value the importance of operating our programs to obtain specific outcomes. Long-term and short-term goals for clients are invaluable for ongoing quality assurance. In addition to addressing substance abuse and addiction, mental health and trauma issues, our programs address the following life areas: educational or academic/work performance, family relationships, and legal issues.

Our most recent independent evaluative or research studies have explored the long-term impact of treatment.

RECOVERY APP FOR THE WIN! New Directions contracted with the Begun Center for Violence Prevention, Research and Education at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) to evaluate the utility and impact of the Addiction Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (ACHESS) on youth undergoing intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment. We implemented the use of the app and forty-seven of our adolescent clients and their families agreed to engage with this resource.

Clients provided feedback, noting they valued the ability to reach out to staff when in need of additional support, mostly through text messaging and the “Beacon” button which allowed for immediate connection. Those involved in the study and used the app in conjunction with IOP were more likely to complete treatment successfully than the comparison group of clients who had participated in IOP in the year prior with no app integrated into treatment.

Research amounted to a 20.8% increase in treatment completion for those New  Directions clients who used the Recovery App. Outstanding outcomes for our clients in treatment!

The Recovery App and resources available to New Directions clients has provided deep insight into new avenues of treatment and sober support for young individuals encountering substance use disorders. We have had open-minded discussion with local government agencies that
strongly support the public community suffering from mental health and substance use concerns.

The App holds promise in successfully building on post-hospitalization care because of its portability and immediate anytime/anywhere access to emotional, relational and instrumental supportive interventions at a fraction of the cost of more traditional supports.

Research study: “Evaluating the Utility and Impact of the Addiction Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (ACHESS) on Youth in Intensive Outpatient Treatment at New Directions, Inc.” Funded by a generous grant from the Cleveland Foundation.

Client SuccessIt was found that on average, twelve (12) months post discharge clients reported:
  • 59% attended community support meetings;
  • 68% improved school performance;
  • 68% had no new legal involvement;
  • 69% were drug free; and
  • 85% experienced improved family relationships.

New Directions is currently implementing measures that look at client growth and change from admission to discharge. We look forward to sharing information on our progress in the upcoming months.

Research study: “Helping Others and Long-Term Outcomes,” conducted by Maria Pagano, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.