Mother of a New Directions Resident Expresses Her Gratitude

Happy mom takes to social media to thank New Directions


New Directions Resident


When parents come up to you–or comment on social media–to tell you about how happy they are their child attended New Directions and how thankful they are that they found the right facility for treatment…it makes everything worthwhile. The mother of a former New Directions resident recently reached out via Facebook to let us know how deeply we helped her daughter and how grateful she is to have her back home and on the journey to leading a new, positive life. With all of the hard work that our counselors and teachers put in, it is always a good feeling to relay these types of messages to them. This particular mother’s words are below.


December 2017

“My daughter is currently in house at New Directions. I am so grateful to have found this place (searched online for place for teens on drugs, sadly, but grateful New Directions is the only place to treat teens)! I will forever be grateful to this place and pray for her it’s basically in her hands but this place totally gave her the knowledge to beat this horrible life taking addiction! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


Please share with anyone, if my message can inspire/save one person young or old or let the public know there is help for 18 and under that would be awesome! I TRULY MEANT EACH AND EVERY WORD ABOUT THIS PLACE AND THE STAFF! FOREVER GRATEFUL!



January 2018

Happy New Year!! My daughter was discharged late December, she had been there since mid-October! First, thank you to each and everyone who had any type of involvement in her recovery. Starting with the Internet, that’s how I found New Directions! Tara in the Intake Dept (so grateful to her!), to David that did her assessment and got her in house same day (amazing, caring patient man!), to Jo that led the “Parent Empowerment” Saturday class, very educational/helpful relating to this addiction my daughter has! Each and every staff member, wonderful caring truly dedicated to these girls and their recovery!


Her teacher from Orange High School Cheri Waggle, my daughter’s a Senior and should not be graduating this year, without the schooling provided, so grateful! Tiara, her therapist, “ONE OF A KIND, NO “BS”, in my eyes 100% The Best for my daughter, she knew exactly how to handle her and played “no games,” figured her manipulating ways out instantly, LOVE HER, grateful to have had her as her therapist!


NEW DIRECTIONS, IT STARTED with you and the awesome most caring staff that I feel puts their heart and soul into these young people, I believe you found the best employees to lead these girls in the right direction!! THANK YOU FOREVER GRATEFUL, TO EACH AND EVERYONE, ALWAYS WILL BE. My daughter’s recovery is her choice, (big difference, when home) I’ve done all I can and am 100% supportive and involved, but I can’t lead her she must (it’s only been short time, 4 days not much effort on her part) but 95% of me feels I’m more into this then she is not going to lie it’s been rough, scary, 4 days, makes me wonder if this is what she even wants, CONSTANTLY REMINDING HER, IM A BIT OVERWHELMED!! IM DEFINITELY NOT GIVING UP, I CANT make her want this, (wish it was that easy).


I just want New Directions to know you’re the BEST, and you truly (from each I had the pleasure to know), have the BEST STAFF FOR THIS! Thank you, God Bless you all, and Happy New Year! From the bottom of my heart and soul!! She must want to do the steps, never give up, God help us please!”



*Slightly revised

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